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IP Encoder Decoder

Grandbing announced a lite version IP extender kit.
It transmits HDMI /USB/RS232 signals up to 100 meters over IP technology via a signal UTP cable

100m 70m 4K HDBT extender with ultrathin design

EX0101-N343-000 (N343 for short) and EX0101-N353-000 (N353 for short), a pair of slim HDMI extenders, are designed to extend HDMI signals up to 100 meters via a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable. N343 and N353 just need a single power supply to power both devices via its bi-directional PoE function.

4K HDMI switcher with audio extraction

The SW0401-N073-000 is a 4 by 1 HDMI switcher, a perfect solution for managing multiple sources. It provides four inputs for direct connection of HDMI devices, which gives you a high performance connection between four sources and a sink without signal loss. Simply pressing one button to select your desired HDMI source for display on the HDTV. The front panel indicators show the currently selected source. Furthermore, 3D content can be displayed when connecting to a 3D sink and 3D source.

4k HDMI Matrix 8X8_MX08081011001 NEW!

MX0808-1011-001 is an 8-by-8 HDMI matrix. It allows any of the eight Input
Channels (HDMI) to be routed to any of the eight Output Channels (HDMI),
no matter the source is HDCP or not. Users can choose several different
ways to control the matrix: by using infrared, RS232, RS485, and LAN and
supplied remote control.
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